It's a matter of taste

Our menu accommodates many flavours: from the firey hot to the cooly mild; vegetarians, pescatarians and carnivores (our meat is all Halal) are all catered for - as are children of all ages.

For those of you who require a quick bite, we have special set menus throughout the day.

And for those of you with a more relaxed schedule, take your time to investigate the wonders of Indonesian cuisine.

And please ask our staff about spicing: 'authentic' might be a little too hot, while 'European' might be a little too mild. Give us a chance to get it just right for you.

The home of zingy sustenance!

The nearest you can get to Indonesia... without the bother of getting on an aeroplane.


A truly authentic Indonesian restaurant in the heart of London's West End. Over the years we have steadily built a reputation as a venue where you can relax, enjoy excellent food and find yourself in a little part of Indonesia.

Indonesian Cuisine

Of course, the best and only way to find out what Indonesian food is like is to get some inside you. We would be the first to admit that actually being in Indonesia is the very best way to do that... but you would probably be the first to admit that London's West End is a tad closer. And our cooking is pretty damn close to what we eat back home.

Putting words in your mouth

Many people, when asked to describe Indonesian food, will say, "It's a cross between Indian and Chinese." A bit like saying that a tiger is a cross between a cat and a zebra.

All tastes are catered for: carnivores, vegetarians, piscetarians - some grilled, some fried, some gently stewed. And all delicious. OK, so some of the food is hot - but that's a legacy of the Europeans (bringing chillies from south America). Like most cuisines, Indonesian has many influences - yes, Chinese and Indian, but also Dutch, Malay, Portugese, middle eastern... and even a little English, if you look close enough.
Talking of chilli heat, we always recommend that our diners choose a balanced meal: some hot, some mild, some spicy and some tangy. If you find that your meal is not as spicy as you would like, ask for some Sambal sauce - very hot, but pungent and aromatic, too. Oh, and rice (not water) is the best cure for an over indulgence in chilli.
If you are new to our food, please ask a waiter for help. Also, our special lunch-time and pre-theatre menus are a great introduction. Even better, bring a few friends, so you can all sample a few dishes - BaliBali is a fun and enjoyable restaurant: great for parties, but also perfect for a quiet meal.


We cannot guarantee that any of our dishes do not contain nuts. If you have a nut allergy, we're afraid our restaurant is not appropriate.

Also Important!

Back home spicing can seem pretty volcanic if you're not used to our cuisine, so we tend to err on the side of caution with our chillies.

But we also know that many of our customers want something a little more authentic (or 'hot').

Please take your time to talk to our staff about how you would like your food spiced.

Talking with your mouth full:
Your reviews of our food

  • Another great meal and relaxed atmosphere at Bali Bali. Great place to spend a quiet evening catching up with old friends in central London. Really good choice of food, including veggie options; delicious flavours and good value all round.
    - Open Table February 2015
  • Quite nice restaurant close to Leicester Square. Nice Sate, Rendang, sambel goreng Telor, Nasi Goreng etc. Just try it, you would be surprised!
    - Trip Advisor February 2015
  • The waitress was very helpful and told us the dishes and about Indonesian food, and they cook it to your spice level too. Very impressed, just if you book, ask for a table at the back as there's not much room between the door and the first few tables. Great food, really impressive. Will be coming back.
    - Trip Advisor January 2015
  • I cannot praise Bali Bali enough! I rang half an hour before my booking and asked to add an additional two seats, which they did without the slightest grumble. Upon arrival the waitress was extremely friendly and polite and very patiently helped us to choose our orders (several of the group had never eaten Indonesian food before). The best thing about this restaurant, though, was the food - absolutely fantastic! If in doubt, order a Rijstafel and try a selection of the best dishes - delicious!
    - Open Table January 2015
  • My friend has been here a few times and he reco it. this a great find in London, perfect food and wine all at the right price. i will be back with the wife very soon. This deserves 5 stars....
    - Trip Advisor January 2015
  • It was my third visit to Bali Bali and this time it was lunch. There are two options: 7.50 GBP and 8.50, both include starter and a dish from the lunch offer. We got different lunch sets plus drinks so all in all it costed us bit more than 20 pounds for a couple. We tried one soup and one spring roll for starters and two meat dishes as mains - spicy pork with rice and chicken with noodles. Don't remember the names but everything was very good and the staff was very attentive as usual. This place does not dissapoint.
    - Trip Advisor December 2014
  • What a find - wonderful food and great atmosphere - busy and fun. Food was delicious and great value and service was brilliant. Great informal place for dinner with friends.
    - Open Table December 2014

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Please note that we are a small, family-run restaurant with a limited number of tables: if you need to cancel or amend your booking, please give us plenty of notice. Thank you.

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Note that the kitchen closes about thirty minutes before the restaurant: please give us plenty of time to cook your meal.

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